Of course, there is no fountain of youth, and none of us can turn back time. However, it is possible to keep some of time's worst effects at bay, while feeling younger than you ever have before. How? You might ask. With our Pilates programs of course!

Pilates is not a fly-by-night fitness fad. Sinces its inception, Pilates has has helped millions of people improve their fitness levels and, ultimately their lifestyles. Here at Marshall Eklund, we have clients of all ages, from those in their first flush of youth, to seniors in their retirement who know that these are the years they can let go and enjoy themselves. We have developed exercise programs for people of any age, and as you age, exercises that increase strength and flexibility become all the more important.

As you get older, you don't want to rely on your loved ones to look after you and help you perform everyday tasks. You want to be out there enjoying your life. Our Pilates programs inspire personal empowerment and confidence so you can lead an active life.

Anti-Aging Pilates San Diego

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