Osteoporosis Pilates

Osteoporosis Pilates San Diego

Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones that affects half of women aged over 50 and increasing numbers of men too. Brittle bones leave you at risk of fractures, but Pilates can help you take control of your osteo-health and even reverse some of the disease's worst symptoms. The earlier you take action the more you will benefit.

Medication, and exercise may dramatically reduce osteoporosis-related fractures but if your doctor recommends exercises such as Pilates or yoga, your best choice is Marshall Eklund Pilates and Fitness if you are based in San Diego. We have helped many clients whose bone scans improved significantly after our specially tailored training.

Using our wide variety of fitness methods, including specialized Pilates, LIFT (our weight training program), and unique functional programming, you can become stronger, healthier and happier.

As well as exercises to strengthen your bones, we also offer preventative care with instruction on how to develop correct postures that can avoid injuries and fractures in the future.

People with osteoporosis break bones for two reasons: (1) falls and (2) brittle bones. Our programs address both of these issues.

  1. Preventing Falls. Our sessions include teaching clients how developing a strong core, which combined with balance training, will help prevent falls and fractures. Pilates exercise has long been recognized for the role it can play in two of these steps, exercise and postural and movement awareness. Did you know that some exercise movements could be very dangerous for people with Osteoporosis? We do! Those with osteoporosis have significant posture and movement restrictions that must be followed to avoid fractures. These include spinal flexion (any forward bending), excessive wrist pressure, certain leg movements, and spinal twisting. Developing good posture is also critical. Marshall Eklund Pilates & Fitness incorporates these principles into all of our training for clients with osteoporosis.
  2. Brittle Bones. Studies show that you can increase bone density with weight-bearing and resistance exercise in combination with proper diet and nutritional supplements. A bone is living tissue, not inert material. Any time your muscles are stressed (as with exercise) they, in turn, put stress on the bones. This stress stimulates the bones to grow, becoming denser and thicker--a good kind of stress. If you were never to exercise, your bones would become thinner and more prone to fracture. Our programs safely and effectively encourage new bone growth while creating a powerful core, improved balance, better flexibility and improved posture. What are you waiting for? Marshall Eklund Pilates and Fitness is the best place to be. Our studio is beautiful, our trainers are compassionate and knowledgeable experts, and our clients are amazing. You will feel welcome here