Pilates vs. Traditional Excercise

Pilates Versus Traditional Exercie

Although at Marshall Eklund, we feel that Pilates can complement and enhance other types of exercise and fitness programs, it is worth pointing out what great benefits Pilates can offer and how it differs from other ways of keeping fit such as a doing weights in the gym or heading out for a run.

Running and weightlifting tend to target only certain parts of your body, arms chest or thighs, but Pilates targets the whole body. This is why our qualified and experienced instructors examine your posture and fitness history before deciding what level of class is good for you.

Pilates mainly uses the power of the resistance of the body, the aim being to strengthen and even lengthen the muscles as well as improve joint flexibility. Pilates also tends to mimic real life movements in its exercises and makes use of more muscles in the body at the same time than weight training does. Muscle balance and core stability are challenged with every workout.

Rather than leaving you exhausted and suffering from sore and aching muscles, Pilates leaves you feeling full of energy and invigorated as if you’ve just had a good massage.

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