Alyssa Jones

Alyssa Jones

Studio Manager and Education Coordinator

For California native Alyssa, Pilates is a passion and has been since she took it up back in 1991 to help build strength and flexibility for her dance career (she was a professional ballet dancer for several years). She found that it was great exercise and wanted to help spread the world. She trained as a teacher and now holds full level 1 and 2 STOTT PILATES® certification, is a STOTT PILATES® Instructor Trainer, is Pilates for Golf Certified and also a TRX trainer. Alyssa started working for Marshall Eklund Pilates and Fitness in 2004 and currently helps to oversee the Education Department. She is motivated by seeing clients become more confident as improved fitness levels enhance their bodies and lives.

When Alyssa is not at work she loves spending time with her husband and two daughters and together they enjoy going to the beach and camping.

And what is Alyssa's top tip for staying in shape?
"Consistency! It is important to make fitness a priority in your everyday lives, to make a schedule and to stick to it. When you are working out two or three times a week, that is when you start to see results."

Kitty James

Kitty James

Movement Coach and Pilates Instructor

Movement Coach Kitty Jones also has a background in dancing and trained from the age of five with The Royal Academy School program in America and School of American Ballet before dancing professionally for some 15 years. As well as being an enthusiastic pilates instructor certified to STOTT PILATES® level 1 and 2, she is a certified in TRX Suspension training and kettlebells. She is also our go-to person if you want any advice and guidance on diet and nutrition. She loves to show people how Pilates can be incorporated into their everyday lives, enhancing and improving it.

When she is not at work, Kitty leads a hectic life, homeschooling three boys and trying to maintain an aura of inner peace.

Kitty's top fitness tip is:
"Don’t think why you can’t, think how you can! When it comes to fitness, consistency is key."

Jerome Acosta

Jerome Acosta

STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer

Jerome Acosta is our STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer and has Level II STOTT Pilates, STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer (Mat and Reformer), RKC Kettlebell and TRX experience. So if there is anything you might want to know about this life-changing exercise, he's the man to ask. Jerome's had a love of exercise since he was a young and here at Marshall Eklund, he gets to pass on his passion by training clients and students or developing challenging and effective workouts. As our teacher trainer, Jerome specializes in teaching the STOTT Pilates Mat and Reformer to others who are looking for exciting new careers. But whatever level of class Jerome is teaching, he constantly motivates his students, helping them to exceed their expectations and reach fitness goals. Like everyone who takes the time to train in Pilates, Jerome enjoys the feeling of well-being and vitality that comes from being truly fit and able to do things without restrictions. When he is not practicing and preaching Pilates, Jerome can be found in the great outdoors, taking pictures, painting or enjoying scenic coastal drives. He also enjoys tennis, skiing and surprisingly, sometimes simply doing nothing.

Jerome's top fitness tip is: to make sure you learn about spinal alignment and how to maintain it. Think of the body as being like a giant puzzle. If all the pieces are not correctly positioned it won't work properly.

Alicia Perez

STOTT Certified Level II Pilates Instructor

Alicia claims that clients never laugh at her jokes, but there's no denying that she makes them smile with constant motivation to take their fitness to the next level. Her ten years of experience as a personal trainer and manager of the ladies-only gym Curves, means she boasts a wealth of experience in helping people become healthy, inside and out. Alicia studied for her Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis on Fitness, Nutrition, and Health at San Diego State University where she graduated in May 2003. Since leaving university, she has kept learning, and taken other courses and certifications making her one of the most experienced trainers in the region. These include:

  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Health Fitness Instructor Certification, 2003
  • STOTT Pilates Certified Instructor Level I and II, 2008
  • C.H.E.K. Level I Holistic Lifestyle Coach, 2010
  • TRX Suspension Training Instructor, 2011

Currently Alicia takes private and semi-private Pilates sessions and specializes in helping people correct their chronic back pain. She also helps clients lose weight and burn fat in her Fitcamp, while offering everyone the benefit of her nutritional expertise. Ever driven by her passion for making the world a healthier place, in her spare time Alicia is either working out with her partner, or researching the latest training methods and some healthy recipes.

Alicia's top fitness tip is: to stop being a slave to your cardio workouts and pick up some weights for a change. They help strengthen muscles and bones and that feeling of after-burn is amazing.

Ashley Anderson

Trainer and Nutritionist

California native Ashley is another STOTT Pilates trainer with a dance background. She began her training at the tender age of 8 and danced her way to university where she studied communications. She has since taken her Clinical Nutritionist Consultant Certification (CNC) at the Natural Healing Institute in San Diego and is now working on her Precision Nutrition Certification. This makes her the Marshall Eklund's go-to girl when anyone needs advice on nutrition or a balanced diet. Ashley has also taken her STOTT Pilates certification program and every day, people enjoy the benefit of her expertise especially in her prenatal, flex band and jumpboard workshops. Her previous experience as an elementary school teacher for four years stands her in good stead and she brings that same level of enthusiasm and a sunny disposition to her classes and workshops at Marshall Eklund. In her free time Ashley likes to be out and about enjoying the delights of San Diego.

Ashley's top fitness tip: Do everything with a smile and it becomes that little bit easier.