Testimonials and Success

Pilates for Fitness, Weight Loss, Backcare

Christina Graulau

Marshall Eklund Pilates and Fitness Studio has been a significant part of my life for the past six years. I started with this studio after being in constant pain for six months from an injury and finally seeking advice from an orthopedic surgeon about how to resolve my sciatic nerve issue. The surgeon stated rather than invasive surgery, to do core strengthening via Pilates, as his experience was it worked well on the injury I had and the biomechanical deficiency I was born with. This was my preferred choice and I chose this studio because of the availability of master trainers with rehabilitation experience.

Within 5 private sessions at this studio, the pain was notably receding and within 4 months of biweekly sessions, the pain was completely resolved. I immediately incorporated the Pilates principles into as much of my daily activity as possible and after a year, I moved from private to semi-private sessions. The training has continued being so valuable to my health, I added a third session per week to my schedule and I have chosen to continue learning, doing and advocating this type of training ever since.

I admire and respect Marshall and the trainers at this studio. They are all consummate professionals; tailoring the sessions to the individual clients; always keeping it positive, interesting and providing a range variety of training programs to chose from. I am delighted to also participate in the fitness sessions as these have contributed to the dramatic improvement in my body’s endurance and vigor. I believe being a client and student at Marshall’s studio has also resulted in having a more intelligent and healthy body. In addition to the personal improvements, I enjoy the other people at the studio, the continual learning and the camaraderie during challenging sessions. I truly appreciate the value of the programs at this studio and consider the investment worth much more.*

Jill B.

I inquired about Marshall Eklund a year into recovery from a surgery that involved removing a tumor from my neck. I spent over a year trying to relieve my pain through acupuncture, physical therapy and massage. Although all these efforts played their own part in the recovery process, my neck was still very weak and I suffered moderate to extreme pain daily. I knew that the only way I could live a normal, pain free life was if I started building my strength from the core up so I looked into pilates as an option.

From the day I walked into The Marshall Eklund studio until now (9 months later) I have had the most outstanding experience as far as exercise regime, staff dedication, knowledge and motivation. I can honestly say that pilates and the staff at Marshall Eklund have changed my life! I am so much stronger and able to not only do daily things that I used to do, but my strength and physical health is way beyond what I thought my post surgery body would ever be able to achieve. As an added bonus, I have toned all parts of my body, lost body fat and I’m in better physical shape then I was all the years I played sports. Needless to say, my self esteem and spirt has improved greatly.

But enough about me 🙂 I LOVE the staff and owe so much of my progress to all of them! They are very educated, caring and positive people that have made my exercise experience far surpass anything I have attempted before. Still today, in every class i take, whether it’s pilates, mix-mod or fit camp, they ask me how my neck is and if anything is too difficult for me.

I honestly feel very grateful to have found Marshall Eklund and all of his staff because they have contributed to a stronger, better me!

Once again, thanks so much everyone!*

Bea P.

That first day at Marshall Eklund Pilates I could barely crawl onto a Reformer. A spinal infection had twisted my body and made walking nearly impossible. And things would get worse as I underwent surgeries and treatments for breast cancer. My life had always been an action verb. In my head, I was still surfing, skiing, and kayaking. In reality, whenever I tried to move, I felt like I was climbing at altitude and going nowhere.

There are around 640 muscles in the human body. Over the past three years I’ve been introduced to most of them through varied and increasingly rigorous workouts at Marshall Eklund Pilates. This heighteed body awareness has improved my strength, balance, and agility. My body wants to move fluidly and efficiently. But the most valuable lesson I’ve learned is that the work never ends. Fitness is a process, and I’m glad that the team at Marshall Eklund will be with me every step of the way.*

Marshall makes it fun! I've been hooked for 10 years.*

I have taken classes there for five years, and they are great! I had a total shoulder replacement, and they have my shoulder stronger than ever.*

I went to this FAB pilates studio specifically to rehab my brand new hip. The staff is awesome and Marshall....well he's amazing! My only regret is I'm not able to get my freakin schedule in line to still be going there!*

Love love love this place! They are completely focused on accurate training and results for every client. All the trainers are the best in San Diego (really!), but I absolutely love and worship Marshall and my teacher Emily especially! They absolutely kill it every day, and have very loyal customers to prove it. Amazing studio!*

The trainers here are amazing!!! The best I have ever seen or worked with in the fitness industry!!! They can do amazing things for your body, either help you reach your goals or get you out of pain. This is the place to go to. They offer amazing pilates and so much more. Check out there 6am Boot Camp M/W/F 6am. It will rock your world!!*

When you're ready for an intelligent body, smart trainers and want to come back for more, then you're ready for MEPS! Whether you're a client who needs rehab, an athlete, pregnant, a circus darling or just working to stay fit and limber, this is the only place to be. Worth every bit and I never want to stop!*

*As with all fitness programs- results may vary from person to person.