Therapeutic Pilates

Some of Pilates biggest cheerleaders are those who find that the regime of exercises has helped them overcome illness or injury. Pilates is especially good for people who suffer from back, shoulder, hip or knee pain. With dedication and the expert guidance of our trainers, you can overcome these pains, address the root of your problems, rather than masking them with painkillers and potentially make a full recovery.

“Over and over, when we train the correct muscles to fire-proper, alignment is attained and pain is reduced significantly or completely.”

Marshall Eklund

Here at Marshall Eklund we can offer therapeutic Pilates sessions to help sciatica, osteoporosis, neck pain, arthritis, and other chronic conditions. These are a highly specialized means of rehabilitation exercises for the clients with injuries, chronic pain or severe issues that require special attention. Pilates can help you move freely and without pain, transforming your quality of life.

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