Bea P.

That first day at Marshall Eklund Pilates I could barely crawl onto a Reformer. A spinal infection had twisted my body and made walking nearly impossible. And things would get worse as I underwent surgeries and treatments for breast cancer. My life had always been an action verb. In my head, I was still surfing, skiing, and kayaking. In reality, whenever I tried to move, I felt like I was climbing at altitude and going nowhere.

There are around 640 muscles in the human body. Over the past three years I’ve been introduced to most of them through varied and increasingly rigorous workouts at Marshall Eklund Pilates. This heighteed body awareness has improved my strength, balance, and agility. My body wants to move fluidly and efficiently. But the most valuable lesson I’ve learned is that the work never ends. Fitness is a process, and I’m glad that the team at Marshall Eklund will be with me every step of the way.*